Picture of Dr. Reinold Hütter
Picture of Dr. Reinold Hütter

Dr. HÜTTER’s training as a specialist for internal medicine took place in part at a general hospital in Upper Austria and in part at a specialized hospital in the city of Vienna.

He then supplemented his training in Hietzing Hospital’s Third Medical Department for Metabolic Diseases and Diabetes, becoming a specialist in endocrinology and metabolism.

Dr. HÜTTER worked as a consulting specialist in internal medicine at the Hietzing Hospital for over 20 years.

In this role he was available to various departments for consultation on questions regarding internal medicine. He regularly supervised the departments of gynecology/obstetrics, urology, ENT and ophthalmology. In this advisory capacity he also substituted for colleagues in the departments responsible for heart surgery, abdominal surgery, neurology and dermatology. Thus he gained comprehensive experience in the use of medications prior to and post surgery, in infusion therapy and in treating hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and lung diseases. Other areas of focus included treatment in cases of arrhythmia as well as caring for patients with pacemakers undergoing surgical procedures.

Through this activity Dr. HÜTTER gained experience in areas such as:

Perioperative internal medicine, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, lung diseases, infusion therapy; Perioperative complications related to arrhythmia or pacemakers; Adjustment of medications such as Marcoumar and other oral anticoagulants prior to and post surgery; Prevention of thrombosis, including in complicated cases such as following a previous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism; Clearing and preparing patients for surgery in cases of coexisting illnesses such as heart failure, COPD, liver cirrhosis, vascular disease, etc.; Treatment in cases of gestational hypertension, medication treatment in cases of complications or toxemia of pregnancy; Treatment for morning sickness; Infusion therapy in cases of hearing problems; Differential diagnosis in cases of non-specific abdominal pain, collaborating with other physicians in planning diagnostic assessment of patients.

Dr. HÜTTER also worked the night shift in Hietzing Hospital’s emergency room for several years.

Urgent evaluation of walk-ins and patients brought in by ambulance, ranging from simple cases to psychosomatic cases to heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks and all other types of cases to be found in a general patient base, such as spinal pain, acute gastro-intestinal diseases, infections, etc. After acting as a consulting specialist in internal medicine for so many years, Dr. HÜTTER sees himself as a general practitioner for internal medicine, covering all aspects of the field without specializing in any one area. Dr. HÜTTER is particularly concerned with providing treatment attuned to the overall picture of a patient’s health, taking into account not only the acute illness but also preexisting conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. as well as the patient’s lifestyle, age and activities.